Beginner Camera and Photography Lessons

Beginner’s camera lessons from Cherish Artz!

Do you love to take photos, but aren’t sure why yours never look quite as sharp and precise as your friends? Did you just receive your first digital camera, but find yourself intimidated by the manual settings? Do you want to learn more about how to take excellent portraits and landscape photos?

Try out the beginner’s camera and photography lessons at Cherish Artz.

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps towards a career in photography, or just want better photos of family and environment to share on social media, we want to help you achieve your photography goals.

We keep our lessons small and focused, with no more than 3 people per lesson.

During the session, you’ll learn:

-Techniques that will improve your portraits and landscape photography
-How shutter speed or focal length works together with depth of field to create focus
-The ins and outs of ISO, exposure, and light interplay
-How to compose a photo that will impress your audience

You will also receive exclusive access to our Beginner Camera Lessons PDF – With over 20 pages of information that you can refer to in the future.  You can keep this pdf on your smart devices for quick and easy access to in the future!

Book by yourself, or make a day of it with a good friend. Bring yourself, your camera, your camera’s manual, and your creative spirit.

It’s entirely possible to be a self-taught photographer, but it involves years of trial and error and pictures that are, quite frankly, not very good.

Learning from a professional means skipping years of making mistakes simply because you’re not sure how to get around a particular problem.

Cherish Artz is made of up Cheryl Eagers and David Philips, both of whom are proud members of Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Together, Cheryl and David have spent years taking photographs that have impressed and wowed their viewers. Let us teach you how to do the same. Take a look around the website and see what we can do with a camera; we’ll help you learn the techniques that make this possible.

Beginner camera lessons cost $160 per person for a two hour lesson (often the lessons extend to 3 hours because of the enthusiasm of our attendees).

At Cherish Artz, we believe that the best photography comes from combining the photographers signature style with the personality of the subject, and results in a way to preserve special memories for years to come. We have years of experience with detail and passion in photography, and we’re happy to have the chance to share that with you.

Book in for a workshop or lesson today!