Everything you wanted to know about Colour Spaces

Everything You Need to Know About Colour Spaces

For those who are new to photography and design, learning all the fundamentals of photography is critical. Without this knowledge, you won’t have the grounding to better understand your work. And this could easily cause recurring problems across your entire catalog of photography.

One of the first lessons you’ll receive is on how to improve your sense of colours within your pictures. And this understanding comes as you learn about the concept of colour spaces.

Getting to Know Colour Spaces

To put simply, colour spaces are the ranges of colours available in a specific visual space. For most photographers, the spaces you’ll be most interested in refer to what are available for the devices you use. This typically refers to any of the following:

  • Your Camera
  • Your Scanner
  • Your Printer
  • Your Computer Monitor

The largest available range is within the human eyes themselves. Your visual range of colours, also known as the L*a*b*, showcases a full range of visible colours. Other spaces and ranges from devices work to capture as many of these choices as possible within their hardware.

However, from the technical side of things there are only 2 types of spaces:

1. Colour Spaces Related to a Device

As mentioned, each device will offer its own colour space depending on its hardware specifications. You may notice that your home printer may not produce as vivid portraits as a commercial-grade printer. That’s because the commercial printer offers a more robust and wider range of colouring options due to more advanced hardware features.

2. Colour Spaces Created by Engineers Independent of a Device

These spaces have been designed and created by engineers to capture as many colours as possible and utilise them outside of specific hardware parameters. For instance, the sRGB and Adobe RGB 1998 are some of the most popular cross-platform options for standardised colours. These types of standardisations will also typically follow the International Color Consortium (ICC), data that keeps these colour spaces consistent no matter the platform.

While this all may sound technical, the truth is that these spaces are why you can expect colours to remain the same on different computers running imaging programs like Photoshop. Most Photoshop courses also highlight this information to help you better understand how to maintain consistent colouring across any computer or platform you use.

The Power of RGB and CMYK Spaces

As a photographer, you will almost exclusively use either the RGB (red green blue) in your imaging and the CMYK (cyan magenta yellow key) in your printing. These two colour spaces are the most comprehensive and inclusive to ensure you’re getting the brilliant, beautiful images you want. While there are other available options to you, these are typically variations of these two spaces for more specific purposes.

Getting Your Colour Space Knowledge

Understanding how colour spaces operate is your key to better understanding how to produce consistently excellent photographs.

Use this guide from Cherish Artz Photographic Artistry as a quick reference to all the basics of colour spaces. And when you’re ready to take your work to the next level, sign up for any of our Photoshop courses in Mackay or camera lessons in Mackay. We’ll give you all the critical information you need to vastly improve your knowledge and technical proficiency. That way, you’ll instinctively produce better work – from your on-site pictures to your post-image processing in Photoshop.

Want a digital copy of the Colour Space sheet for your smart phone or tablet to keep as a handy guide?  Follow this link to download our full collection of photography cheat sheets.

From workshops to tutorials, Cherish Artz truly offers something for any Mackay photographer looking to improve their work. Contact us today to see just how much we can help you get your photography looking even better.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

photoshop training in mackay by cherish artz

photoshop training in mackay by cherish artz


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