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Forget the Digital Negatives and Flatter Your Family with Fine Art Prints

For years, you talked about scheduling a family portrait session, and now you finally did it. As complicated as it was to arrange everyone, your professional photographer captured a series of fabulous, stunning shots. The children look adorable and are posed attractively, and the soft shading flatters everyone. You are impressed 029 romantic vintage photography at melba house in mackayand pleased with how your photographer portrayed the natural emotions of each expressive moment. Your family is your most beloved possession and the time has come to show them off!

After all the digital negatives were compiled by the photographer, you requested and received a USB key filled with an array of beautiful images. As soon as you have some spare time, you intend to take the next step and order prints for display… How’s that working out for you?

You’ll likely upload a few images first, share them on Facebook and check constantly in order to keep up with all of the glowing compliments posted by friends. Then life will go on. Since there’s nothing attractive about your handy USB key, you’ll store it in a desk drawer for safe keeping.

If you’re more ambitious, you may take the digital negatives to a local consumer printer and order some standard, untouched pictures. Yet however convenient this may be, these low quality prints will not be true to the graceful lighting or authentic colors of the photographic portrait. They will not highlight the genuine beauty and excitement of your family in the same way as an edited and polished fine art print.

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Your family deserves to be appreciated at their very best! The ideal way to enjoy photos of your children is by printing the images on high-quality fine arts paper or on a custom-framed canvas. You can hang these pictures prominently in your home, and they’ll grant charming and constant reminders of the people who you love most.

The final step in interpreting a photograph is to choose the best printing medium for the image, and we offer a wide range of paper types to choose from. Fine art papers will enhance the eye-catching drama of your family portrait. Much heavier and thicker than plain paper, they are available in different surface textures, such as velvet, satin, smooth and watercolor. No matter the style you prefer – from subtle and traditional to gloss and modernistic – our prints can create the decorative look that you desire. For more formal shots, a black and white portrait printed on fine art paper lends a truly elegant expression to any image.

Family portraits printed on canvas have a unique texture and a rich, classic appearance that looks magnificent when hung above your mantel. With no glass overlay, you can appreciate these pictures without the distractions of reflections or glare. To make it easy for you, we work with local framers who provide discounts on having the canvas stretched properly and framed expertly, according to your taste.

While the concept of owning a multitude of digital images from your family photography session may initially sound appealing, that cute little USB computer stick can’t be hung on the wall. As nifty and advanced as the technology may be, it won’t do any justice to those gorgeous views of your children and loved ones. Keep in mind that even if you eventually order prints, there’s no comparison between a standard, automated print and a refined, artistic rendering printed on canvas or fine art paper.Children Photography Mackay - Cherish Artz

Share your family, your dreams and your imagination with us, and we’ll print them with artistry and care for every detail right here in Mackay

Contact us today for prices and other details as nothing beats amazing family photography in a fine art print!