Newborn Photos: A Beautiful Girl named Luna – The Clarke Family

New Born Photos for clients:   Sarnya and Damon Clarke were looking for some unique shots to celebrate the birth of their first daughter Luna and their young son Roman. We booked the Full on Fotoz Studio in Andergrove and got ourselves all set up. With the help of my highly talented assistants Kealie Frerichs and Tracey Galletly, we captured some wonderful shots of this darling family.

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About the Experience

Tracey and Kealie did so much to help me to relax my mind and spirit and get into my creative zone behind the camera. Tracey’s patience was so inspiring, rocking and coaxing Luna back to calmness and sleep for the session. Kealie was also a big help by chatting up little Roman and keeping him fully entertained. I’m so lucky to have both of these consummate professionals in our team!

A perfect little bundle of love, Luna was an exceptionally photogenic subject. That’s not to say that her brother Roman wasn’t a terrific subject as well!

Using four beautiful sets with just Luna, we were all ohhing and ahhing.  After this, we took several additional shots with Luna and Roman. From there, we brought the rest of the family in for some portraits of the whole clan.

My Thoughts

This was my very first attempt at newborn photography, so this was certainly a challenge for all of us! But we were absolutely thrilled that Sarnya and Damon were willing to put their trust in our team.

I work very hard to pursue the best imagery no matter what my subjects are. And it was this type of passion I followed to capture these truly precious moments with big brother Roman and his new sister Luna.

princess like newborn photos done by mackay photographer

All of our patience was rewarded with so many great shots of every member of this beautiful family. I was so honoured to be a part of this moment, doing what I could to give them a treasured gift. These photographs will serve as a fantastic memory to last the Clarke family for a lifetime.

perfection in newborn photography in andergrove mackay

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