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Workshops & Classes

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Cherish Artz offers you the unique opportunity to unlock your creative potential with our personalised and intensive photographic workshops and tutorials.

Want to snap inspired, stunning images and take your creativity to the next level? You can discover the secret to amazing photos and learn the tricks of the trade from professional photographers and artists with decades of photography success.

We can help inspire you, master new techniques and greatly improve your photography skills with clear and concise information on a huge range of technical and creative topics.

At Cherish Artz, we have a class for you whatever your photography experience and whatever camera you use.

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light-notext  Light! Come along and shoot with us… the sessions will be styled with beautiful sets, wonderful gowns and exciting hair and make up styles.  All you need to do is come along and shoot with us.  We will help you get some images that will help you build you portfolio whether this will be to show your clients, or for your own satisfaction.  Each workshop will have at least two experienced photographers to help you with your camera settings, equipment and shooting techniques.  We guarantee you will love every minute, there is nothing like having a laugh whilst you get creative!   At times we will be offering landscape and macro photography workshops too
 ignite-notext  Ignite!  Photoshop, Lightroom and Camera Raw lessons will be available for those who want to fine tune your skills in this area.  With detailed lesson plans and work booklets that you get to take home with you it will be no time until you are producing images that need a little help or a major overhaul!   In the classroom we will play with the programs whilst you go through your workbook, there is nothing worse then having to write steps down when you want to play, so we have done this for you.   We can’t wait to see how excited you are going to be when you enhance your own images.  Talk about satisfaction!
 excite-notext  Excite!  There is nothing like putting your amazing images online  and watch all your friend, family and clients comment!  Even better for you when you see them printed, there is nothing better!  What about when you enter them into a competition… the excitement of photography is addictive beware!