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Cherish Artz is a full-service photography agency headed by Mackay photographers Cheryl Eagers and David Phillips. As members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, the team brings decades of experience in delivering high quality portrait and landscape shots that delight their clients.

From intimate portrait shots to event photography, Cherish Artz comes together to showcase your true beauty. This comes thanks to our distinctive styles and commitment to all of our customers’ specific needs.

Available Services

Cherish Artz brings specialties for the clients in all of the following areas:

Formal Photography Mackay - Cherish ArtzOne of our most popular choices, portrait photography is one of the best ways to preserve yourself in the moment. David and Cheryl know just the right techniques to showcase you in a beautiful, elegant fashion. We offer a variety of options, custom-suited to your taste, style and preferences.



Family Photography Mackay - Cherish ArtzFamily photos are an important tradition for people throughout the world. Why not add a little bit of creative flair to your traditional family photos with Cherish Artz?

Our line of family photos fuses the traditional family poses with Cheryl and David’s eclectic style to produce dynamic pictures that everyone will love. They’re the perfect mix of old and new that reflects you and your family.


boudoir photos Mackay areaPortraits from Cheryl are designed to capture your beauty in an intimate way. Why not extend that all the way to your bedroom or private chambers?

Boudoir photography from Cherish Artz brings you right into your own intimate settings to photography you at your most raw – and most beautiful. One of Cheryl’s greatest specialties, boudoir portraits reveal your beauty in a style that you’ll absolutely love.


beginner camera lesson in mackayOne of Cheryl’s greatest passions is teaching others all the skills you need to improve your photography. Her workshops feature practical, hands-on advice and learning that are designed to get you results.

Workshops range from tutorials for beginners just getting started all the way to advanced courses for specific photography techniques. In the end, you’ll learn valuable skills that you can use every day. These are great for you whether you’re a hobbyist or an aspiring professional yourself.

Professional Photography Mackay - Cherish ArtzOne of the biggest mistakes you can make is getting professional photography looking just the way you want – only to print on the wrong medium. Why not let the professionals handle your printing as well? That way, you can be sure you’re pictures are looking the best no matter where you display them.

Cherish Artz also provides printing services perfectly suited to your pictures. We’ll make sure all the pictures we take will be printed in the vivid colours and format that looks great.


Why We’re Your Best Choice in Mackay

There’s a reason why Cherish Artz has emerged to become a high demand photography agency. It’s because of our sharp focus on our clients. We understand that every single person has a story. Our goal is to help preserve your story in a style that you’ll love.

No matter what you need, we’ll bring you photos that you’ll absolutely love. It’s what has defined our work throughout our careers.

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Cheryl and David have the skills and experience to give you beautiful results. They understand just how to capture you in the right light. And they’ll deliver uniquely wonderful pictures that you’re going to absolutely love.

Have a look at our work across this site, and contact us today to learn more about everything we offer.

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