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Portrait Photography by Cherish Artz

Portrait photographs capture more than faces. The best portraits evoke feelings, memories, laughter, and maybe even a few tears. They can be passed down from generation to generation as a powerful piece of any person’s history, but they can also be excellent quality fun, vibrant images.

At Cherish Artz, we showcase your personality for the camera. We’ll work with you to find the most expressive and natural shots. We will work with you to develop a collection of images that record your celebrations, life changes, and milestones. By creating a truly beautiful set of photographs that you will cherish forever.

Family Photos

Think outside the box. Portrait photos don’t need to be limited to the traditional patriarch-surrounded-by-unsmiling-family images. Maybe you want to preserve some crazy, comfortable, happy time flying kites with a best friend — or the fun of a day spent playing dress up. Talk to us about your ideas. We’ll combine your imagination and our expertise as we bring those dreams to life.

Do you or your family love the outdoors — morning mist, surf on the beach, quiet forests, wildflower-strewn meadows? We can use your favourite location and pastime — or find a new favourite location. Living in Mackay, we have some of the very best locations on our doorstep.

Boudoir & Bridal Boudoir Photography

Maybe you want a photo that sizzles with sensuality and sexual promise for the groom to be, or a quieter image that reverberates with the love of a happy, decades-long marriage to mark a 50th wedding anniversary.

Maybe you want to focus on the glamorous you who’s destined to walk down the world’s most famous red carpets — or the secret inner you who likes to spend winter nights reading by the fire. Maybe you want to try something completely different — recreating a movie scene, a bygone era, or a famous painting — complete with props and studio lighting. We’ll help you capture a photograph that you (and possibly your grandchildren or great-grandchildren) will love.

We’ll show your outer beauty, but we’ll strive to catch your inner beauty in every portrait, as well, whether we’re using natural or studio lighting. We have the experience and friendliness to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and with your body and the expertise to create images that show you at your best.

Photography That is Celebrated

The images we make with you are limited only by our imagination.

You display only great photos on your walls — portraits that capture your personality or photographs that set a specific mood for a specific space. You demand quality. At Cherish Artz, we keep you in mind first — in the superior quality of our portrait photographs, in our ongoing commitment to bring your ideas to life for amazing portraits that reflect your personality, and in our dedicated service to your needs as a customer. We want you to return again and again for sessions that produce amazing, beautiful portraits of you and your loved ones.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what other satisfied customers have said about our portraits and our photographers. Then unleash your imagination and let us create your perfect portrait.

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APP_Circle_Black_SmCheryl and David are members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, which basically means we have demonstrated experience in the industry, we have achieved and strive to maintain an expected level of craftsmanship, by following set business and professional guidelines, and we never stop learning. This means the very best in service for you.

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