Australian landscape photography

The Making of “Resting” by David Phillips

‘Resting’ captures a wonderful moment in time at the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Heyes in Queenstown, New Zealand. The shot reflects some of the true wonder and awe New Zealand offers to photographers, nature enthusiasts and all those who love to sit back and take in the view.

A small lake within the Wakatipu Basin, Lake Hayes is only a short drive from Queenstown. But the atmosphere it creates transports visitors to another world altogether. This world is full of relaxation, tranquility and peaceful beginnings. The fast pace of life slows down here to let everyone take some time just to enjoy the view.


Camera Settings

Camera Settings:

Author:                            David Phillips, Mackay Landscape Photographer

Canon:                             EOS-ID X

Lens:                                EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

Focal Length:                 24.0mm

Aperture:                        f/11

ISO:                                 200

Shutter Speed:              1/200 sec

Tripod used:                  Yes

Flash used:                    No

About the Experience

I snapped this picture while I was on an photography tour/excursion across New Zealand finding some of the most beautiful and breathtaking vistas I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The photography tour/excursion was a tour known as Photograph New Zealand –a landscape photographer’s dream across some of the most amazing spots the New Zealand countryside has to offer.

I was led across the area by renowned nature and wildlife photographers Dave Foster and John Robertson. Their company, Photograph New Zealand, focuses on capturing the beauty and serenity of the country and sharing it with the world. That’s exactly what has made their photography tours such an inspirational and popular choice for landscape photography lovers.

People come from all over the world to take advantage of these tours – and the subject matter of New Zealand. And this intimate glimpse of Lake Heyes in ‘Resting’ showcases just how beautiful this region can be.

My Thoughts

What I most enjoy about this picture is the sense of serenity and relaxation it creates for me. You already have the peaceful scene of a quiet, calm lake that reflects the surroundings like glass. Beyond that, vibrantly coloured trees sprinkle their leaves onto the shore with a few sticking to the side of the overturned rowboat.

Perhaps you will take the boat out and enjoy the water… or maybe just sit at the shore and enjoy the rolling hills in your view. In any case, the picture brings me back to my time in New Zealand – and helps create a true sense of calm for me. I hope it will achieve the same type of enjoyment for you as well.

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