Stylized photography sessions

Up, Up & Away!

Stylized Photography Sessions, especially for the Little Ones

Looking for a different sort of photo shoot for your family? Our Up, Up, & Away session incorporates your child’s own imagination with dreams and fantasy. From Gone Fishing to a Floral Fairy Garden, we’ll use props, settings, and production techniques to give your images a magical sense of fantasy and wonder.

Your imagination is the limit. We’ve listed several possible daydreams in which your children can play, but we’d love to discuss any scenarios that you think will bring out the best in your little ones. From the smallest of toddlers to the biggest of teens, our playful and fantastic scenarios will create photographs that you’ll cherish for years.

Contact us today to find out more about our Up, Up & Away sessions and schedule a shoot. 

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Children Photography Mackay - Cherish Artz
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This is where we all get to have some fun 🙂 By having a themed photo shoot for kids and teens, you will bring that added something special to the final images, a story, a memory and something that will be infused with personality.


By choosing an UP, UP and Away stylized session your children will soon forget about us, the photographers, once they start engaging with the surroundings with excitement and curiosity. This allows us to be able to capture their true ‘essence’. This is a look that you will only be too familiar with, a look that you admire in your children everyday.


Always open to your ideas, however here are some of our ideas for upcoming shoots:

(Stylized shoots are available for any age – however we can’t stop giggling and smiling at the magic we will create with the younger ones 🙂

Tepee’s and Dreams – A home away from home with all the comforts, cushions, reading materials, toys and the beloved hobby horse/s. You may not be able to get them to leave afterwards.

Tea Parties and Tulle – Both boys and girls are invited! All the things that usually come along with a vintage tea party look but with our own special touches included, very pretty and very timeless.

Gone Fishin’ – Leaving home with just a fishing line is the start of this little story, ending up camping with tepee’s and lanterns in the magic of the wilderness, you will adore your little ones journey.

Floral Fairy Garden – A magical place, abundant with flowers, lace, tulle and all things pretty. Just imagine how special your little one/s will look so angelic in the wonderful world we create for them.

The Aviator – Wooden planes, paper planes, globes and aviator hats! There is a big world out there to discover, complete with their suitcases and books you will see your children lost in their imaginations of the bigger adventure that awaits.

Up, Up and Away – Ever imagine just flying in the clouds? Ok, so there will be no lift-off, however this session includes balloons, baskets and scooters! The image of your little guys and gals trying out this new contraption will just make you smile forever!

Lemonade For Sale – A vintage style Lemonade Stand, cupcakes and all things sweet. A timeless set up that Grandpa and Grandma will enjoy as much as your children will.

Once Upon A Time – Stars, Sparkles and Shiny things! A fairy-tale. Let us take them to a fairy-tale land full of magic and wonder.