Summer Light Photo Exhibition Mackay



“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”…Oprah Winfrey.

Over the past several years I listened with admiration and a little envy as friends and associates in conversations excitedly told me their stories of spending several weeks in the countryside of France.

I thought to myself, how marvellous that would be.  To escape and experience a life that is very much different from my everyday routine.

An adventure like this was on my mind constantly, and then things started to fall into place.  From watching movies, listening to stories and from my social media newsfeed, it seemed Provence was where my heart wanted to go.

A milestone was approaching, the big 50!   Plans were made with my best friend of 37 years, Wendy.  We were going to travel to Norfolk Island for a week to celebrate our 50th.  Then late one Friday night as I had settled down to read my new aromatherapy book, I noticed the author talked about Aroma Tours in Provence.  So down with the book and onto google to discover more.  It wasn’t long before I sent a text to Wendy and suggested we drop Norfolk and replace it with Provence.   Plans began to form.  I couldn’t go past inviting the woman I know who lives her life guided by Aromatherapy, Maria.  The third travel buddy I had to include was my niece Brooke, who was then living in London.  With the four of us on board, we excitedly made plans and time seemed to move by slowly before our journey began.  It was well worth the wait – what an amazing time it was.

Our journey was a relaxed blend of delectable foods and wine mixed with sighs of delight at majestic old world scenes, the magnificence of the carmague horses, magic fields of lavender and the fields and fields of the happy faces of the sunflowers (and more than a little shopping 🙂 ).  But most of all the long conversations, slow coffee breaks and many laugh-out-loud moments are the most treasured.  I wouldn’t go amiss by saying we all needed this journey and we all felt the connection to this heart-warming place on earth called Provence.

The Photographic Art exhibited speaks to me of a summer of light.  An exploration of the simple things that makes our hearts sing – friendship,  love, a sense of play and freedom, movement and stillness.

My goal is to escort you to your place, a place where your heart feels the most beautiful.