Portrait Testimonials

Portrait Testimonials

A photographer can take the best pictures in the world, but if they’re a nightmare to work with, your session won’t be anything you care to remember. At Cherish Artz, our clients are our first priority. We strive to make every session fun and exciting,

We know that if you’re nervous and doubtful, you won’t get the photographs you want—and neither will we. Let us set your mind at ease; even better, let our previous clients do it for us! Take a look at these testimonials and reviews we’ve received from previous clients, and then make your own decision.

We’ll set you or your family at ease to make capturing the perfect pictures a delight.

When you’re ready to book a photo session, contact us.


When I first had the appointment I did feel, a little overwhelmed and nervous as I had just had a bubby 4 weeks prior. I was worried about my baby weight ect and I wasnt 100% sure what a boudoir photo shot was. What sort of clothes ect.

However the second I walked into the studio all of the anxiety and fear vanished. I was so relaxed and felt very welcomed. There was so much I liked about the whole experience it would be hard to pin point just one thing. But if I had to choose. The atmosphere, you ladies made the whole experience so amazing. We had a laugh and a giggle and I felt so comfortable and welcomed. The directions were clear and you ladies made me feel comfortable in my body. After the photo shot I felt amazing, glamorous… to be honest I was a bit upset it was all over hahaha.

When I went to view my photos… I wasnt sure what to expect. But I was amazed at the end product. They were so much more beautiful then I could ever have imagined. The word beautiful to me is inner confidence. And you girls made me feel confident and sexy. it doesnt matter what size you are, if you show confidence in yourself and your body you can be the sexiest girl in the room. To me the most beautiful celebrity would be beyonce. She isnt a stick, she has the most amazing curves, she knows her body type and she flaunts it. But most of all she is confident, yet she appears to be humble and well conducted. You never see any negative press which in the celebrity world I am sure would be a tough act to pull off. The most beautiful woman in my life. I have way too many to list. My mother, sisters, my friends the list goes on. Each has a unique reason as to why they are beautiful but beautiful all the same. I would and already have recommended cherish you photography to my family, friends and other mummies looking to pamper themselves. I cant thankyou you girls enough. Amazing experience.

And I am already asking my hubby to be for a gift voucher for another session!!


Thank you so very much for the most wonderful and uplifting experience of my life. I had never had glamour/professional photo’s taken before and didn’t know what to expect. I was so nervous but so very excited. I saw images of friend who had a session done and was so inspired by her beauty that I wanted this experience to. My 40th birthday was coming up and I had lost some weight so I decided; why not, time to embrace ME!! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to look and feel as beautiful and as glamorous as I do in my photos. You made me feel so comfortable, it was awesome being a princess for the day. I had so much fun and I didn’t want the session to end. It truly was empowering. I love my photos and so do my family & friends, but especially my partner Dave. I gave him a little black book of my photos as a surprise for his birthday and boy did he love them. I would highly recommend the experience; ladies you will not be disappointed. I will certainly do it again. Regards Mel xx


Trish talks about her Glamour Photography Experience in Mackay.

“Thanks for my experience on Friday. I have never had glamour photographs taken before and was at first quite nervous and not knowing at all what to expect. I was also concerned and worried that I was not going to do the ‘right thing’ to allow you to take beautiful photos of myself. Although nervous at first and feeling a little awkward and well out of my comfort those feelings disappeared and you made me feel comfortable, always with the most positive remarks and comments. Thank you for the experience, I enjoyed it and will certainly mention it to others. I’m quite excited to see the photos!!!!”

“We love, love our photos. Such a wonderful experience and I think my hubby has worn out the pages of his Little Black Book!! Highly recommend booking in a photo session for any woman who wants to feel beautiful and good about herself. Cheryl and Sue make you feel so comfortable and beautiful and when you see your amazing images at the viewing you will feel more confident, empowered and beautiful.”
“Cheryl and Sue were amazing! They were so helpful and directed me on exactly what I needed to do. They are both lovely ladies and will make you feel so special and comfortable. So excited to see my images x”
“I love the way that Cheryl can see right into the heart of her model. She has a gift. She has photographed myself and my daughter. The photos were incredible.”
“Had so much fun getting my photos done with Cheryl :-) Felt comfortable and well taken care of. Would absolutely do it again :-)”
“Beautiful people who make you comfortable. Gorgeous photography results – even for a nervous and to be honest doubtful client. Would love to do it again…”
“Cheryl does amazing photos!”
“Cheryl is the most amazing photographer I know, BUT she is also the kindest, most gentle person I have met as well. This is something all women should do!!! just do it you won’t be sorry!!”

A Beautiful Boudoir Photography Session With An Longtime and Wonderful Friend

“I have known Cheryl and Sue for many (many) years and have shared many a special moment with them. This aside they are two of the most caring and thoughtful individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have always hated having my photo taken and am usually the one trying to hide behind something/someone. “Getting my kit off” has never been up there on my things to do list as all my life I have suffered from very low self esteem.  From the moment I arrived at the studio I was made to feel so at ease. These ladies made me feel just so good about myself and I don’t think I stopped smiling and laughing the whole time I was there. It truly was the most enlightening and liberating experience and I urge everyone to just give it ago. My photos are amazing. I look good, bloody sexy even ;) Isn’t it amazing how you can see yourself so totally different until the images are right there in front of you.  My wonderful husband said he fell in love all over again. This has given me such a boost to my confidence I thank you so very much.”


Husband buys Wife A Glamour Session with Mackay Photographers, Cherish You Portraits.

“My husband started it off with a surprise present for our wedding anniversary, Getting ready for my shoot was quite exciting, he helped me by making suggestions on which outfits, Jewelery and accessories that I might use.  I was really looking forward to the hair and makeup session.  I have always enjoyed dressing up so this was the ultimate gift for me. At the studio Cheryl and Sue were fun to be with and had me feeling like a model, all the  different poses and outfit changes, I was really eager to see the end results. The photos are beautiful, I tell every one who sees them what a great experience it is and would highly recommend it.”


Chantelle received a Glamour and Boudoir Photography Package as a gift from her Mother.

“Before my session I was concerned of how the photos were going to turn out. I lost 10 kgs before my photo shoot because I really wanted them to look good. My most memorable moment would have to be when Cheryl walked out with this stocking dress and said put this on, I was like will I even fit that. Also the amount of laughter and happiness I was surrounded by, I honestly didn’t want the session to end. After I seen my images I was completely shocked and didn’t have any words to say. I was surprised how different I looked, and how beautiful the images turned out. Beauty is something that comes from the inside. If you have a good heart and a great personality then you’re bound to look beautiful on the outside. I’ve always thought Julianna Hough was beautiful because in her interviews she’s always laughing and smiling which is really important. The most important woman in my life is my mother because she’s so caring, she’s always there for me when I need her and she’s just a beautiful lady inside and out. I would recommend Cherish you portraits to my friends and family (I already have) because Cheryl and Sue are wonderful, they are surrounded with happiness and laughter and the images turn out amazing and unexpected (in a good way). Thank you for an amazing experience and I hope to do it again one day soon.”

Alya Contacted Mackay Photographers Cherish You Portraits for Boudoir Photography as a Suprise for her man.

“Before the session my main concern was how the photos would turn out, I’ve never really been able to fully become confident in my own skin and as a result I have never associated myself with the words ‘Elegant’ or ‘Beautiful’. As the day got started both Cheryl and Sue made me feel so comfortable and made the experience incredibly enjoyable, so much so that I forgot all about my worries and just had fun, they truly did make me feel beautiful. When I got to see my photos I was once again back to being nervous, but I was immediately blown away with how well the photo’s turned out! Cheryl, Sue and the fantastic hair and makeup team transformed me into what I believe to be the definition of’Elegant’ and ‘Beautiful’.  I cannot put into words how much that meant to me; you gave me the gift of self confidence.”

Sabine was one of our very first Boudoir Photography Clients in Mackay.   I think I was more nervous than Sabine, but we ended up having a ball!

Hi Cheryl! I was a little nervous but more like butterflies, before the shoot. Things like, how am I going to “pose”, what am I supposed to do, can I pull this off… But as soon as we got going it was all just fun and FUN. I enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish!! It surprised me that during the whole time I didnt even think about what I was nervous about in the beginning. Time just flew! On What Beauty Means to You For me beautiful is when someone is completely at peace with themself and happy for who they are and dont mind what other people “might” think. Which celebrity do you regard as beautiful & why? Jessica Alba, she seem to have a good balance between her self, family, work, beeing healthy, the press and so on. She seem real! Who is the most beautiful woman in your life? My mom, she is the best! Would you recommend a photo shoot to your friends & family & if so, why? Absolutely, Cheryl is just the right person for this job. Standing in front of a camera isn’t always very comfortable but with Cheryl you forget that she is even taking photos, which makes up for really good photos capturing the moment and the real you. You are just having a really good time! I would definitely do it again!!

It was our pleasure to photograph Vicky and Jorja,  a wonderful Mother and Daughter Session, combined with Glamour Photography for each.   So much Fun!

“A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I had the absolute pleasure of a photoshoot with Cherish You Portraits. From the moment we walked in the door, we were made to feel like old friends and were warmly welcomed. Our hair and make up was professionally done and we were amazed with the results. The studio is amazing, with gorgeous props, outfits, shoes and jewellery. It was a day full of,fun and laughter while dressing up in gorgeous clothes. Cheryl, our photographer was amazing and patient (as experienced supermodels we were not). We viewed the photos last night and were overwhelmed at how wonderful we looked. I usually hate photos of myself, but there was not one photo I did not like. In fact, I loved them all so much, that I had trouble deciding which ones to enlarge and frame. Our Mother/Daughter shots were absolutely gorgeous and a box of tissues was close by when we saw the results of Cheryl’s expertise. I have absolutely no hesitation in singing Cheryl and Sue’s praises. Truly wonderful women, empowering others by giving them the experience of a lifetime and the gift of beautiful art as well. If you are considering getting glamour photos done, I would highly recommend you give Cheryl from ‘Cherish You Portraits’ a call. You won’t find better… :) .”

Cate experienced a Boudoir Session here in Mackay, nervous at first, we soon had Cate relaxed and together we produced some amazing photography…

Before the session I was very nervous as there are parts of my body that aren’t so pretty and even when I got there I was still nervous. But after I met Cheryl and Sue, they made me feel very relaxed with a hug and conversation. During the whole make up and shoot I felt just amazeing I think because I was made to feel it was just about ‘me’ for a change and not everyone else and that surprised me as I am really not that vain.  There are a few women who I admire and they aren’t celerbities, one is Rita Jackson and the other is Ella Stiller. It seems that no matter what they do and they both work hard they are able to look fresh,beautiful, confident and in control.  Upon leaveing my session, I was amazed at how I felt and I felt great, not just because of the make but how I felt as a woman. I would highly recommend Cherish you portraits as the ladies are very understanding, cheeky, beautiful and your made to feel special and amazeing. Thank you Cheryl and Sue for an experience I will treasure.

Petrina came to Cherish You Portraits for a Boudoir Photography Session for images for her partner, she didn’t realize what effect have the images presented would have on her… read more below …

“On the day of my photoshoot I was somewhat nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. The nerves disappeared quickly as Cheryl and Sue made me feel so comfortable. These ladies taught me that I am beautiful and girly. When I seen my images for the first time it made me cry.I love the images and so does my partner. Thank you ladies for giving me my feminine mojo back.”

Kathryn roped her hubby into doing a Couple Photography Session to Celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversay, Hubby was then sent home whilst we carried on with a Boudoir Photography Session as a surprise gift for Andrew.. by all accounts he was absolutely wrapped in the images :-).  Kathryn talks of her experience below…

“Hello lovely ladies :)

I was excited more than nervous to be getting our couples and my boudoir photo shoot done. It was the perfect time to have photos done to capture a special time in our lives and the love and joy we have created together over the past 25 years. I wanted to get the boudoir photos as a special gift to my husband but I have got so much out of the experience myself. Andrew and I  were both made to feel special and comfortable during our session and it was more fun and relaxing than I thought it would be and I love that the photos captured our relationship so beautifully and it was hard choosing our favourite one to order in large size for our wall. The boudoir experience is something I will always remember as I felt like a movie star with my hair and make up done and Cheryl and Sue made me feel so relaxed and beautiful and when I saw the photos at the viewing I was overwhelmed by how the photos have captured the beauty I felt inside but did not see when I looked in the mirror. I feel so much more confident and less critical of myself now and my husband’s emotional reaction on seeing the photos is something I’ll cherish forever.

I would highly recommend the experience for every woman as it’s so wonderful and empowering to see beautiful images of yourself and a truly personal gift for yourself or partner. My family will be giving my sister a gift voucher from Cherish You Portraits for her 40th birthday next year as I want her to feel beautiful about herself and capture a milestone in her life.

Thank you Cheryl and Sue for the love and care you showed us and for a wonderful experience and beautiful photos.”

Christine Wanted a Double Shoot, Pin-up Photography and a Boudoir Photography Session, all done in one day right here in Mackay.   Christine talks about her experience below..

“Ironic although I planned a shoot to give to my husband.  I honestly was a little hesitant to expect results I would be entirely happy with.  I had gained a couple of dress sizes since the birth of my three children – especially after the difficultly of Hyperemesis put me in the weight yo-yo not expected when pregnant.
I was excited to do something special for the husband who has supported and sacrificed a lot for our home grown family.  But I never really expected the experience to be one that I regret had to come to an end.  The simple getting made over is something I left to the lovely ladies of Cheryl, Sue and their makeup extraordinaire Louise.  I had ideas but never planned it to the nth degree like that which I did with my wedding.  I showed them what I liked… but not really what I expected.  They pulled the amazing results out from their own hats.
Honestly there are photos there I have to keep telling myself – yes that is you.
We ordered a Boudoir and Pin-up shot as a 2 part gift for hubby – sort of a teaser then the real thing.  Although he liked the pin-up he continues to go back to the boudoir as it is “more like me”.  It looks like me and what he expects when he sees me in an everyday context – not so made up – but more refined as I can not do the magic Louise did.  I tried to video the openings but with a camera my husband showed he has a very good poker face….
The pin-up was requested as it is a “mild” boudoir which is tasteful.  I love how the curvier women were preferred in the times of the 60’s.  The boudoir was to give hubby the real deal later.  And it was comforting to know that our ideas of boudoir were in sync.  We liked tasteful and suggestive not penthouse.  And ironically I found the boudoir photo-shoot empowering and if I had to do only one – I would do the boudoir again.  It reminded me that I am a strong women and regardless of my dress number I can be… and AM beautiful – I just have to believe it.  I had originally requested the pin-up first however due to makeup/hair stylings it was swapped around.  Inside I was terrified that I hadn’t “warmed up” to the boudoir photos neitherlessly however it really is the pin-up you need to prepare yourself for.
My favourite part of the experience – although the shoot was amazing seeing the photos for the first time – was mindblowing.  That and the little school girl excitement from Cherish before they hit play; only made the presentation even more exciting.  Sorry Cheryl your infectious joy made Sue and I expect great things – which you delivered above and beyond.
On my return I came home in the pin-up styling (convienient as this was the first part of his gift).  Hubby was taken back a bit when he first saw me as it was very left field to my normal leave down or throw up in a tie or plait.  My oldest 2 were fascinated by the eyelashes and red lips.  It however wasnt until I removed the make up did my baby acknowledge me.  I was holding him – he could hear my voice but where was mummy – worried glances and the obvious take me back daddy lunges were displayed.  However once the lashes came off and some of the makeup my son was more than excited to see his mummy was there and a strange women wasnt trying to smother him in cuddles and tickles.
Thank-you for the incredible experience, memories and results.  For those who are thinking about doing this – stop thinking and go out and do.  You will NOT be disappointed – unless you dont – but then that has a different name – REGRET!!
Quote from the day – what did you do Sunday Tracey – oh just held a blowdryer up a ladies dress….  Such humour and comfortable characters only made helped the experience to be in a comfortable enviroment.  Please ladies – don’t loose these carefree and happy personalities.  I think this also made the day more memorable.  Cheeky personalities only bring out cheeky images….