The Making of “The Promenade” by Cheryl Eagers

Visitors enjoy the sights and sounds of the Lake Windermere Promenade. Ducks and swans excitedly swim as they’re fed. Tourists gather all around the beautiful area to relax and take in the atmosphere. The portrait captures the almost timeless moment, where people come together to smile, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company.

Technical Specs

  • Lens: OLYMPUS M.12-40mm F2.8
  • Focal Length: 12.0mm
  • Aperture: f/8
  • ISO: 200
  • Shutter Speed: 1/500 sec
  • Metering Mode: Digital ESP Metering
  • Tripod Used: No
  • Flash Used: No

About the Experience

Overlooking the promenade from the ferry jetty, my attention was first captured by the buildings in the distance. As I was adjusting and setting up, I started to notice all the bustling activity that was happening in the foreground. I really appreciated watching all the visitors enjoying their time – playing with dogs, eating ice cream, and feeding the swans and ducks. Everyone was having such a great time!

After a bit more time, I noticed the looming clouds above all of this fun activity. All the visitors were totally oblivious to these foreboding clouds which were making their way toward everyone. Despite the threat of rain, people continued to enjoy themselves – adding to the overall charm of experiencing this delightful area.

My Thoughts

In other situations where I’ve taken pictures, people immediately scramble with the threat of rain coming. But that was not the case here at the promenade. People were having a wonderful time, and they didn’t seem to care one bit about the threat of rain.

I feel like this obliviousness added to the experience, adding a richness to the setting. Why should a little bit of rain spoil all the fun people were having here at Lake Windermere’s lovely promenade? Rather than let the weather ruin a great time, sometimes it’s just as well to enjoy yourself – rain or shine.

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