Small Worlds – Water Drops and Miniature Photography Workshop

Small Worlds

Water Drops and Miniature Photography

Photo Workshop

learn how to photograph water drops and minature photography workshops in mackay

When: Sunday 6th November 10.00AM – 2.00PM

Venue: White Lace Motel, Nebo Road, Mackay

Live life on the small side and take advantage of double the fun with this two-in-one session from Cherish Artz! Learn everything you need to know about capturing the smaller side of the world around us with this informative and fun workshop for water droplet and miniature photography.

Expert instructors Noel and Michele Jackson from Photovisions will lead you through all the right configurations for stunning macro water drop photography. Noel’s Liquid Drop Art studio will show you the power of collisions and how they make some dazzling photographic results. And you’ll have your chance to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind setup for your own shots!

The workshop team from Cherish Artz will also be there to take you through how to create fun and awesome miniature photography shots. Using everyday objects and miniature figures, you’ll discover how to look at the world in adifferent way – and get some amazing shots in the process.

At Cherish Artz, we keep all of our workshops limited in the number of participants to give you individualised, hands-on training. You’ll get all the attention you need to understand just how to use these techniques and skills for your own work – now and in the future.

What to Bring for Waterdrops

  • SD or CF Card – we will have one camera set up for this, so you will be using our camera but recording the images on your card.

All of the Following to the Workshop:

  • Camera & Lenses (More if You Have Them)
  • Camera Manual
  • A Tripod t
  • Cable or Shutter Release if You Have One
  • Your Unique Creativity!

Online-Only Special Offer! Only $95.00 Per Person (inc. GST) if You Book Now!

Participant Number is Capped – Spots are Extremely Limited on This One

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