About the Artists

Mackay Photographer:  Cheryl Eagers

With a passion for the beautiful and unique, Cheryl is continually developing her creative talent to bring you amazing wall art.

In creating both modern wall art and images that evoke beauty and instill romance, she is a photographer whose art will call to you and connect with your guests.

Highly skilled in portrait photography, Cheryl has studied both natural light portraiture and studio lighting.

Her portrait photography is renowned for its natural look, and for capturing the subject’s unique beauty.   You will find amazing images of glamour photography, boudoir photography, wedding photography and family photography on Cheryl’s website for her branch off business Cherish You Portraits.  Take a look, you will be wowed!

Cheryl has earned a Master of Contemporary Arts degree.

Her main subject during her studies was the form of flowers, which is where many of her modern art images originated.

She is proud to be a Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP No. 5595).

Mackay Photographer:  David Philips

A talented photographer whose love for the land gives him the inspiration to produce unique Australian landscape photography.

David was born and raised in outback Queensland, to which, he says, he owes his keen eye for landscape perspectives, and an inherent respect for the environment.

His love for Australia’s beautiful, yet often rugged, geography translates into outstanding landscape photography that will capture your heart – even take your breath away.

David also appreciates the beauty in you. He is a skilled portrait photographer, known for capturing both the inner and outer beauty of his subjects.

His acute sense of artistry and his love of nature shines through whether it is thrashing waves, beautiful and soft scenes of a morning mist or a strong, silent landscape in Australia’s outback.  Not only a Mackay Photographer, David will travel and explore varying destinations to bring you the very best in landscape art for your wall.

David is a fully accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP, No. 6537).