Where my passion for creative photography brings to you fun filled and inspirational photography workshops


Award Winning Photographer

I have won some awards and have some credentials 🙂

Along with achieving my MPI International Photographic Degree – Master In Fine Art Floral (MPF), Masters in Contemporary Arts (MCA) -(concentrating on flower photography) and becoming a PSQ Accredited Judge (Photographic Society Of Queensland) PSQJ, throughout the years I have won several photographic awards from the AIPP, Photographic Society of Queensland Salon of Excellence Competitions, Epson Pano Awards, Queensland Ekka Photography Section along with the local Mackay Show Photography Section.



My hearts mission is show you how dedication and practice will soon have you creating amazing imagery.   

That is what I regard as my highest achievement in the fun, frustrating and fantastic world of photography. 


In short:

I began to take my photography seriously in 2003. In 2004 I joined a local camera club, Creative Shots Photo Club Inc where I have spent 6 non-consecutive years as president. From 2016 to 2017 I offered a variety of photographic workshops over a vast range of subjects from portraits to flower photography to Astro. After this I had a break from workshops and offered people portraits and pet photography.


During 2020 I rediscovered my absolute love for flower photography and have set about trying several experiments on the many ways I can photography flowers, from a simple flower portrait to the more complex set up of painting them in fish tanks.


My husband David says to me “You were photographing flowers when I met you and you still are”.


This reinforced to me that photographically, flowers are my greatest joy.


This is what I want to share and teach.  To take one subject in the many forms it comes in, to experiment with it and to create photographic art.


You may find me photographing other subjects, but I feel I will always come back to the smiling faces of my flowers 🙂


I hope we can meet soon and share the absolute fun of a creative photo workshop together.

Cheryl Eagers photographer

Cheryl Eagers – Photographer

I create workshops because I love all of it.

The meeting of like-minded photographers from beginners to the more advanced.

The fun of the coming up with ideas to try.

There is nothing like feeling the tears start to well when I have achieved “a look” in the camera or after processing.   I hope that you get to feel this to and consider it an achievement.  This is when you get to pat yourself on the back.

The look of excitement in your faces as you get beautiful results.

Just knowing that your photographs will become treasured, shared with family and friends, in camera and photo clubs and on social media.