Another great afternoon. Thank you Cheryl and Trish. I am learning so much and gaining confidence all the time. You are both so patient and explain steps so well. Great teachers

Elizabeth Butterworth
Spent a wonderful weekend learning about many different and creative skills involving flowers. As I am not a very creative person, I made the effort to think outside the square. Was so happy with the results and Cheryl is so helpful and clearly explains the different concepts. Highly recommend Cheryl’s courses!
Sharon Anderson
While I have done some macro online classes previously, it was an absolute pleasure to attend a workshop with Cheryl from Cherish Artz Photography recently. I learned so many things, from practical and useful equipment tips, compositional ideas, and how to think about the subject objectively before I begin to shoot. It was a fabulous time, shared with other like minded folk. I highly recommend Cheryl for anyone thinking about furthering their photography journey. She is a great teacher and presenter.
Jennise Carr
Cheryl is a superb instructor with a calm, confident and knowledgeable manner to support, inspire and take you on a creative journey. Her workshops will help you take your photography to a new level and give you confidence to try something new and exciting. Cheryl shares her expertise so willingly in her incredibly well constructed lessons. You will come away with a new vision for constructing creative and intriguing images. Join one of her workshops for an enjoyable adventure with like-minded people.
Marian Moyle
Cheryl’s advice and guidance in the workshop I attended was excellent. The workshop was a two day one and every moment was planned and filled with stimulating activities. Thanks Cheryl.
Cheryl provides a very supportive environment and encourages you to create your own artwork. The two day workshop I attended was very stimulating.
Wendy Simpkins

Cheryl’s photos are always beautiful with a touch of her creative magic. She is also a wonderful teacher as she has a calm, confident manner and inspires you to take your photography to the next level. If you are looking to learn the basics or step up your knowledge level, Cheryl is the one who can take you there.

make beautiful floral designs in our photo workshop and lessons
Tracey Galletly
I am excited to hear that Cheryl is going back to teaching classes. She is an amazing teacher. So very generous with her time and information. Then you add her artistic flair and you are sure to have a great experience.
I highly recommend Cheryl and Cherish Artz for your photography classes.
we teach you how to create this image in our macro and creative photo workshops
Kealie Frerichs
Cheryl is a talented photographer, artist and teacher who gives generously of her time to help beginners in our club and make them feel comfortable with their camera. Her creativity shines through in her images, especially her flower photography, and the results of her stunning work speak for themselves. Cheryl is very much a people person, with a friendly and approachable manner. The subjects she captures and the newbies she helps are always put comfortably at ease.
As a passionate photographer and teacher Cheryl has gained a great deal of experience in her craft, and I am more than happy to give a recommendation.
simple magic flower photography workshops
Michele Jackson
Can’t praise Cheryl enough, for her patience, knowledge and well constructed workshops. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge is second to none I have learnt so much from her tips and creativity.
I would highly recommend Cheryl and Cherish Artz especially if you are just beginning your photography journey.
flowers photos by online photographer cheryl eagers
Tanya Staines