Pet Photography: Molly’s Puppies – Silver Award Winning Photographic Print

Toni and Wade’s Labrador Molly’s had an impressive litter of puppies. With the help of my assistant Tracey Galletly, we worked to photograph all of Molly’s beautiful pups with care – while conveying their innocent spirits.

About the Experience

We set up right in Toni and Wade’s living room. We worked to get individual shots alongside a portrait where they’re all lined up in a row. With these dogs being so tiny, it certainly was a challenge to get their cooperation. Thanks to Tracey’s almost dog-whisperer talents, we were able to accomplish all the poses we set out to do.

Molly gave birth to 11 puppies – much to the surprise and delight of Toni and Wade! I can only imagine it would of almost been like the 101 Dalmatians scene where new arrivals just kept coming.

Unfortunately, one of the young puppies passed away shortly after birth. Despite this sadness, we were able to honour her memory in several of the shots we took. The portrait shot with puppy turned around is to remember the lost little pup.

My Thoughts

Puppies are all about recognising and appreciating the joy in life. Their young and innocent enthusiasm gives us all those heartwarming feelings of both love and humour. Those were the emotions I wanted to capture with all the shots I took during this session.

At the time we took these shots, all of Molly’s puppies were for sale. And several of them had already been claimed by excited new puppy parents. Everyone at Cherish Artz wishes all the new owners a lifetime of happiness with these gorgeous and fun-loving puppies.

We certainly had a one-of-a-kind experience with these little bundles of energy during our photography session. This will definitely be a session we’ll never forget!

Award Winning Photographic Print

award winning pet photography print taken by mackay photographersUpon completion of the images, I thought the image of the all the puppies lined up together would have potential to be entered into the Queensland AIPP (Australian Institute of Photographers Awards).   I was delighted when I discovered it won a Silver in the Awards.  Many thanks to Toni and Wade, but to my husband David Phillips for his awesome photo printing skills.


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